These Kids Are Golden – A Series (35mm Expired Film.) 

I love my job as a photography lecturer. REALLY love it. I’m extremely lucky to have a job I love so much. I’m making that clear before I start to moan about how little time I have to be creative just for me 😉
I don’t get much free time between my job, my huge family and my WolfPack of 6 Sled dogs but I do think it’s important to have a creative outlet, something that is just for me. I don’t really care if anyone sees it, that’s not the point. So I’m making a resolution to do more things that are just for my own practice.
Yesterday I spent the day creating Lumen Prints, I may do a blog post about that if I get some time. But now I wanted to start to post about something I’ve started to do over the last few years of teaching and that’s capture portraits of the students that I teach.
I’m of the opinion that I have the BEST students in the college (biased? Me? Nah!) and in grand scheme of life they’re only with me for about 5 minutes so I like to capture their portraits throughout the course as a way to remember how awesome they are. I’ll capture more as the year unfolds and continue to add them.

This series is called ‘These Kids Are Golden’ because that’s what they are. They’re absolute gold; cool kids at the beginning of exciting times with their futures ahead of them. That’s a pretty cool position to be in..

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